Thursday, September 11, 2014

Do Abstinence Only Programs REALLY Work?

In my opinion, abstinence should be taught as an option to teens who are confused about sex; however, studies back up the fact that teaching only abstinence leads to more teen pregnancies. I believe abstinence should be taught, but other options such as birth controls and pregnancy preventions should be mentioned as well.

Do you believe abstinence only education is a valid option? Are there any benefits to abstinence only education?


  1. I do not believe that abstinence only education works. Surveys have been performed that show an increase in teen pregnancies within states that teach abstinence-only health classes. We tell teens not to do a lot of things: don't do drugs, don't drink, don't get into fights, don't cut class. But they still happen every day. The best we can do is to educate kids on the risks of doing things like these, because some "little mistakes" now can have HUGE consequences. Acting like teen sexuality doesn't exist won't stop teens from having sex; it will only stop them from having sex safely.

    1. I COMPLETELY agree. When you teach abstinence only, you aren't exposing teens to the other options such as birth control methods and safe sex. As a result, they only see the 2 options: have sex or don't. I believe abstinence should be taught, but other options should be taught as well to keep teens informed and safe.

  2. I believe that it you should teach abstinence to teens to be informed. It could be a good heads up for teens for later years. I agree with Mia about its your choice to have sex or not. That is a personal decision.

  3. I agree with everyone else teens need to be taught abstinence to be informed of what they would be going through. Some teens have sex without really thinking what could happen and can become pregnant from not having protection. Teens should be taught this also because it will show and teach them responsibility.

  4. Overall, I don't think "abstinence only" education works, because it doesn't create an open discussion around sex or resolve any confusion teens might have. Many abstinence-only "educators" make up or skew facts to make sex seem scarier. For example, many teachers will say "condoms almost never work" or will show shocking pictures of mutilated genitals, claiming "this is what happens if you have sex". They shame teens and make them less likely to ask questions about sex, which leads to myths spreading like "you can't get pregnant on your first time" or "you can't get pregnant when you're on your period." Lack of real, honest, and complete education is no way to protect our youth from disease or unwanted pregnancy. We need to create a medium for open and honest discussion about sex in order for teens to really understand it and be prepared. Framing sex as a scary, disease-spreading, life-ruining, shameful activity will stop teens from having healthy, comfortable, and happy relationships later in life.

  5. Teen should be educated in the topic of sex. They need to know whats going on. That way when the time comes he or she could be ready. I do not belie that abstinence should be taught because people are all different and they will be ready at different times.