Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Are electronic cigarettes better for you than normal cigarettes?

This article is about how e-cigs are still bad for you, but not as bad as actual cigarettes are for you. It is a good alternative to smoking cigarettes,


  1. I believe e-cigs are far better for you compared to any other smoking such as cigarettes, cigars, and hookah. The thing that makes e-cigs different than the other smoking options is e-cigs lack tobacco and you have the option of using nicotine. Although it is not as good as keeping your lungs free entirely, e-cigs/ vaporizer pens have shown no true harm to the human body and serve as a great alternative for someone who is choosing to kick their addictions.

  2. The issue with cigarettes is that they are filled with harmful substances that can lead to lung cancer. Since e-cigs are just vapor, the biggest issue with cigarettes is eliminated. Many people have a nicotine addiction and this is a good way for those people to get their fix with less detriment to their health and to potentially ween themselves off smoking. E-cigs are a tremendous step in the right direction for the health of avid smokers.

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