Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dyslexia: A Gift or a Curse?

I was surprised to learn about what dyslexia does to your brain. People with dyslexia have trouble spelling, reading, memorizing and following directions, but they have normal intelligence. This is not a disease you can catch; it is something you are born with. The good news is that many people with dyslexia are also very creative and talented. Some famous people with this condition are Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Will Smith and Orlando Bloom. They somehow overcame their troubles with dyslexia, but students today can get a lot of help from the school system. Students can have access to specially trained tutors and reading specialists, or can get extra time on tests and books on tape to help with reading assignments. I think this article shows that people with dyslexia shouldn’t feel limited in what they can do.  They can accomplish as much as anyone else, with the right help.

How would you feel if you had dyslexia? Would you help someone who had dyslexia?


  1. I wouldn't feel any different if I had dyslexia because it would be all I know and I would accept that about myself. I would definitely help someone that had dyslexia if they needed it because it's a nice thing to do and I don't mind helping out others. I know a few people with dyslexia and they are talented in many other ways and don't let it affect them.

  2. I feel if I were to have it id be a little self-conscious in certain situations as im sure people who have dyslexia feel too. Its something manageable yet can still be hard to deal with at times. I too would help someone with dyslexia just as i would with anyone else.

    1. People with dyslexia sometimes do feel self-conscious about doing things, like reading aloud in class. It is manageable, but it’s nice to have the extra creativity. If other people had dyslexia, I would just treat them like normal people.

  3. I agree that people with dyslexia could feel self-conscious in school and that of course I would help them if they need it. They are normal people and there is nothing wrong with them, they just think differently. They may have trouble in school but they are still just as smart as others.

  4. I agree with everyone about what they said if they were dyslexic. I would not think of myself any differently than everyone else. I also would accept myself. I would help someone who does have dyslexia because they sometimes do struggle with school and helping them out would give them a good boost.

  5. I think that the biggest problem with dyslexia is frustration. Oftentimes if a dyslexic person cannot read a passage or can't keep up with the class then they will be frustrated and take on a defeatist attitude which could severely hurt someone's learning process. This situation, however, probably relates most to school. I'm sure that all dyslexic people end up finding a suitable career that works well for their needs.

  6. I agree with everyone's comment on dyslexic,I would help almost anyone in a time of need and a person with dyslexic does not count them out. If I had dyslexic I would not feel weird or different because that is what i am and you can not change that about a person.