Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bad Mood?

Why am I in a 
bad mood?
Sharona Mataele
Period 6
Have you ever just been in a bad mood and have no idea why? This article explains causes of bad moods. Some like most of us know such as, pressure from parents/family and puberty. What some of us may not know is that bad moods aren't always just bad moods. Sometimes a bad mood can be something greater. Some people just think they are in a bad mood but bad moods are temporary. People mistaken depression for being in a bad mood all the time. Sometimes bad moods are symptons of depression. It is important to realize the differenece because depression is something that is common among teens today that can be very dangerous (suicide, etc.). You can try and et rid of bad moods by exercising, getting more sleep, etc. Do you think you might mistaken depression for bad moods? What do you do to get yourself or others out of bad moods?


  1. I do not think that I have mistaken bad moods for depression because mad moods are temporary and usually only last for a day. The suggestions that the article gives on how to get out of a bad mood are typically what I do too. I hang out with friends, exercise, or even sing and dance around my room to crazy loud music. It all helps because many bad moods are just caused by too much stress and all of those things relieve stress resulting in a better and happy mood.

    1. I agree with Erica because every time I am in a bad mood it was caused by something that made me angry and I usually do not stay mad for very long, not even for days I usually only stay mad for about a couple hours. Although I definitely agree with the ways the article states that you can get out of being in a bad mood because I do all those things when I am mad, for the reason that they make feel happy again.

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  3. If I saw someone in a bad mood, I would not mistake him or her for having depression. A bad mood is temporary while depression goes on for a while which can lead to horrible ideas such as suicide. How I get my friends out of a bad mood is by talking to them about something more pleasant. Sometimes I will change the subject or go nuts to distract them from their bad mood.

  4. when people I know are in a bad mood there has to be a reason which something could of went wrong or i can be depression. I like to talk to people that have that problem because positive energy is what those type of people need.