Sunday, November 16, 2014

Too much protein in middle age as bad as smoking?

Jack Vejvoda Period 6

Since day one we've been told that eating protein is really good for our diet. It's been force fed to us that meats and dairy will help keep us strong, healthy, and active for a long time but this article puts the importance of protein in an everyday diet on the line. In this article it talks about how a high protein diet will lead to a middle aged adult being four times more likely to die of cancer than their low protein diet counterparts. Many people start a high protein diet in order to lose weight but it's been found that this high protein diet is equal to smoking a whooping twenty cigarettes a day. This article really surprised me because I never thought that eating something that's supposed to be good for you could ever be so detrimental to one's body. It makes me think about what other facts about health that we've been told that aren't true. I'm not so sure that eating a lot of protein is as bad as smoking twenty cigarettes a day, unless you're only eating red meat, but I also feel like too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Do you believe what this article is saying? What alternatives should middle aged people do in order to lose weight rather than starting a high protein diet? Do you think that the importance of protein goes down as someone gets older? The link for the article is below.

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