Monday, February 2, 2015

Is it better to listen to sad songs or happy songs when you're sad?

Recently a famous band in Asia, Mayday, released a song called "Sad people should not listen to slow songs". They believed that listening to happy/fast songs when you're feeling down can cheer you up. However, scientist who conducted experiments and analyzed surveys realized that listening to slow songs when you're sad can actually make you feel better. Scientists believe that when you listen to slow songs, you're body releases more Prolactin, a hormone that helps curb grief. Is it better to take Mayday's advice or follow the scientists' belief? What kind of songs will you listen to when you are sad?


  1. Based on what I experienced, if I listen to sad songs when I'm sad, I will get worse that than. I usually try to listen to happy songs or rock songs that make me so powerful. I do not agree with what scientists believe because it's just what they believe. What we experienced is more important than someone's opinion, but sometimes it based on what type of person you are. I'm usually happy,so when I'm sad, I need to listen to happy songs.

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  3. Music can have a powerful and important effect on people and their feelings. Maybe the reason why sad songs regulate peoples mood or make them feel a tad more optimistic is due to the relatability of the song. They see that they are not alone. Or possibly it is just the feeling of the music or beat is relaxing. It is healthy to listen to music to take your worries away, let go, and de-stress.

    1. I definitely agree with you. Sometimes I listen to sad music when I'm feeling down because I feel like I can relate to it more. The slower beat also helps me stay calm.

  4. Personally listening to happy/cheerful music while I'm sad does bring me up emotionally. I'm sure there are lots of people out there in the world that use music as an escape and to relieve stress, for what kind of music they listen to, whether it is a happy or sad song to bring up their mood is really up to the individual in my opinion.