Monday, February 2, 2015

Teen Suicide Tries Increase After FDA Toughened Antidepressant Warning

Teen Suicide Tries Increased

       The FDA sent out a warning to doctors and users of Antidepressants about how the use of these drugs have actually lead to more attempts at suicide. The FDA meant for this warning to just have patients and doctors be aware of suicidal feelings. Yet, parents took this as a warning to not have their teens take Anti-depressants. This counteracted their original plan to stop suicides, because without the antidepressants, the teens had nothing to support them against depression. The conclusion of this study was that the antidepressants are effective with proper treatment and care. I think that this article is right about how anti-depressants should be closely monitored with the patient. I was surprised to find that without close monitoring, the drugs could actually cause more people to have suicidal thoughts and actions. Should antidepressants still be used? How could have the FDA sent the message clearer without scaring the public?


  1. I think antidepressants should be used under close monitoring as you said, because they could easily be abused as any other drug and still affect the patient negatively.

  2. I believe that this article overall gave a very interesting perspective on the idea of anti-depressants. I think the warning the FDA gave was not clear, and instead caused more fear than relief. If this drug is properly monitored it can be successful in lowering depression. However, it is fascinating that a drug that is supposed to lower depression can cause even more suicidal thoughts if not taken properly.

    1. That was exactly my thinking. The irony in this situation is that something that was supposed to prevent depression ended up causing a lot more stress and higher levels of depression in the patient. It makes me think that the FDA should take into consideration about human thought reaction for all drugs in the future.

  3. Antidepressants should still be used, but only as a last effort. They possess many disadvantages and side effects that other treatments like counseling do not have. The FDA should have anticipated and addressed the worries that parents would have regarding the notice they gave about antidepressants.

  4. I believe that the FDA should do s better job on knowing the facts on what the pill and the affects it has on a body. Because doctors should not be giving toxic pills.