Friday, August 21, 2015

Are teens losing the ability to recognize emotions?

In Our Digital World are Teens Losing the Ability to Recognize Emotions?

One of the components of emotional health is the ability to recognize one's own emotions and the emotions of others. Without the ability to recognize other's emotions correctly it could lead to misunderstandings, arguments, and cause difficulties in relationships. I have lived without my cell phone and computer for a week this summer and could tell a big difference in my ability to focus, concentrate on what other's were talking about, and overall more present in what was going on around me.

If teens are saturated with digital media and less face-to-face communication, what does this mean for them when they become adults? What could this mean for the future? Should digital media be limited to a few hours per day for teenagers?

Move Over M & Ms

Move Over M & Ms

As we've been learning in Health class, food products loaded with sugar are detrimental to our health. Eating lots of sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, emotional issues, among others. I agree with the city of Chicago in their idea of replacing sugary foods in vending machines with more healthy options. It would be wonderful if I could go to vending machine on campus and purchase a bag of nuts, instead of a bag of Hot Cheetos. However, I wonder if this might be infringing on people's freedom of choice?

Should people be allowed to have the choice to eat healthy or not healthy, or should cities impose good health upon them?