Sunday, November 22, 2015

Is Your Relationship "Healthy" ?

You and your partner have been dating for quite a while. At first, you guys are doing so well, you feel that nothing can negatively affect your relationship. As time goes on, you start learning a lot more about each other and become irritated with one another. After a certain period of time one of you loses control and physically, verbally, or mentally abuses the other. All of this leads back to the relationship cycle that we talked about in Health class: "Honeymoon Phase"--> "Tension Phase"--> "Explosion Phase." As stated in the article, there are different stages of a relationship. If you're in a healthy one, then that means you and your partner show mutual respect and care for each other, with minimal jealousy and fighting. However, if you're in an unhealthy relationship, you and your partner begin to show resentment and annoyance towards each other over a certain period of time, which can lead to constant abusive fighting. According to this article in order to get out of an unhealthy, abusive relationship, you should confide in a trusted adult, teacher, or friend, and completely cut your partner out of your life. No relationship is worth being in if you don't bring out the best in each other.

I've never been in a real relationship, but I do feel comfortable and safe with all of my friends. My questions for you are:

Have you ever felt like your partner has brought you out the worst in you in any of your relationships?

If that's not the case, then if you were in an abusive relationship, whether it was physical, verbal, or mental abuse, how would you get out of it? Would you report that person to the authorities, would you confide in a trusted adult or friend?

Do you think breaking up with a person could get them out of your life for good? Or do you think you need to go about some other solutions?


  1. When you break up with a person and you want them out of your life, I believe you can do that only if you try to forget about them or just move on so it doesn't affect your future relationships.

  2. If I was in an abusive relationship, no doubt in my mind I would leave them. If it were a mental or verbal abuse I would just tell my dad and he would take care of it for me but if it was a relationship where I was getting physically abused I would report that person.Mental and verbal abuse hurts, but they are something where you can take yourself out of the situation. On the other hand, physical abuse is something where you feel trapped and hopeless, where you cannot escape from. I am not saying hat mental and verbal abuse arent as serious as physical but physical abuse I personally think hurts the most. Breaking up with the person that is abusing you usually doesn't work. You have to go about it in a different way because in most cases they wont leave you alone. This causes a lot of people to change their phone number and things like that to avoid the person. Sometimes you have to turn them in because if its to the point where you cannot move forward in your life, authorities have to step in.

  3. Currently, im in a happy relationship. My ex gf on the other hand had me all twisted. She definately brought out the anger in me and made me feel like a different person for the bad. breaking up CAN get them out for good, if you want it to be that way. you can break up with someone and still be friends. I chose to cut her off all the way. it just was that unhealthy.