Thursday, January 28, 2016

How can you prevent stress from becoming overwhelming?

An issue we will talk about in class as well as one of the most prevalent things among high school student's today is stress which we all know is unavoidable; but there are things that you can do to help keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by it. Stress is a factor of life for so many people whether it is due to school, work, personal issues, or social issues; the list has infinite possibilities. The list of things you can do, aren't extensive or time consuming, they are all probable things everyone can add to their daily routine if you don't have them already. Such things are; eating healthy and nutritious foods, exercising, and having a good balance of activities and work. Stress is unavoidable as many already know, but keeping these things in your daily routine is something we should all try to do to keep ourselves healthy, feeling better, and most importantly to keep stress levels manageable.

Do you think adding or keeping these 5 things in a daily routine are achievable to the majority of people? Are there any other strategies you have that you use to keep your stress levels down that you would recommend to others?


  1. I think that these 5 things in a daily routine are achievable to the majority of people because these ways give me some good suggestions to make me more healthy. Sometimes I feel a lot of pressures in school but now I know how to adjust my mood to defuse annoyance. The most useful way to prevent stress is to keep smiling when you have difficulties. Smiling can let me feel confident. I need to use my smiling to tell myself that I can do it and balance my nervousness. The another way to keep my stress levels down is to watch some funny videos and comedies.

  2. I agree with this article and what it has to offer. Exercise has been very beneficial to me, especially when I can't get something off my mind or I can't get anything else done because of social pressure, homework, etc. It works. But I know that many people have ways of dealing with stress that can cause more harm than good, such as self-harm, drugs, and alcohol, among others. I think this article would be more suited for a teen audience if they warned the reader that although many ways exist to reduce stress, some of them are incredibly damaging to your body and can have lasting negative effects on your life.

  3. I think the 5 ways that are said to help reduce stress are mostly manageable, because they are very general and several may already be a part of students' schedules. However, getting more sleep and making time to exercise everyday can be very difficult when trying to juggle extracurricular activities and homework. Although these two things are very important, they are often not considered a priority to most students. As the article mentioned, it's hard to get sleep when you don't feel tired, and the option to talk to friends or binge watch is there to tempt you. A good way to keep stress levels down that I often utilize, which ties into managing responsibilties in the article, is trying to get as much homework done as soon as possible, instead of procrastinating and doing it the day before it's due. Although this results in a couple busy nights, it pays off when I don't have to worry and stress about due dates. This is also very effective because it ties into having a good balance of activities, which is also one of the ways to prevent stress listed in the article. The sooner I get done with school related tasks, the more time I have to hang out with friends, relax, exercise, and sleep.

    1. I totally agree with your commentary on this article. I would be a hypocrite to say that I always do what this article says, but I always try to do those things to help reduce stress and try to have an equal balance of necessary tasks and fun tasks makes doing the hard ones even easier. Your skill to keep stress levels down is a great way to help with stress, and what I try to do all the time!

  4. I personally believe that these 5 things are manageable for almost everyone. Whenever I am feeling stressed out I usually exercise and that helps settle me down. I know a lot of teens who do some non beneficial things to relieve stress like drugs, alcohol, eating, unhealthy. I think for teens a huge reason that they are stressed is due to having to balance school on top of everything else.

  5. I agree with the 5 stress reducing activities the article offers. However, getting enough sleep can be difficult between school, homework, hanging out with friends, extra activities, and relaxation. But as the article says, you need to create balance in your life, which is the key to being able to do everything. Something that I do to keep my stress levels down is taking breaks in between my homework and setting a timer . I also turn my phone off while doing homework because dealing with texts and homework at once stresses me out.