Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Exercise?

Benefits of Regularly Exercising

Not many people know about the benefits of exercising. Personally, it helps me stay feeling young and energetic. Without exercise, a person may encounter some problems. Like a person's weight reaching an undesirable level or put a person at a higher risk for health conditions and diseases. But other than preventing problems, it can just make you feel better in general. I didn't realize it, but on the emotional side, exercise just relieves stress and puts me into another state of mind. This article will tell you about the benefits of exercising regularly.

Do the things listed in the article apply to and would benefit you?
Do you think it's necessary to exercise regularly?


  1. The things that listed in the article benefit me. I do believe that exercise can improve mood and prevent diseases. I like to go to the gym twice a week. When I have finished the exercise, I feel relaxed and dynamic. In addition, my body is stronger than before. Exercise can enhance immunity and make me strong. I think that it is necessary to exercise regularly because it can make you healthy and balance your weight. However, exercise can not be excessive. In my opinion, exercise is a good way to keep fit and to be a healthy person.

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  3. After reading this article I have to say that I agree with all of it. I didn't know that exercising could benefit more then just your health. This article seems like a good way to boost teens with exercising more. Most teens like to play sports and have fun with friends.By doing these things it could help their health. For example, if they want to hangout with friends they could go on a walk or hike. It could also help them when their feeling stress, by taking a walk. It increases their health and lowers their stress. Apart from that I didn't know that you must contact your doctor to see if you could workout after not working out in a long time. A better way to avoid that problem is to continue exercising for about 30min a day.

  4. Unlike you, Anton, I don't like exercising at all. In fact I don't, which I really should simply for keeping a good physical condition. But this list of affects from exercising kind of motivates me. I don understand the feeling of accomplishment and how someone could get it from exercising. Maybe if I started to exercise more I would truely be in a more positive and energetic mood. I also liked the last item on the list "Exercising can be fun" where it suggests that you go out and exercise as a social activity. I might bring exercising up to one of my physically active friends and take an honest day to do some physical activity in the outdoors.