Monday, February 29, 2016

10 Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Launching in May 2014, along with the release of Fed Up in theaters, over 65,000 people joined Katie, Laurie and the Fed Up team on a 10-day Challenge to go Completely Sugar Free! To kick of this semester on the right foot, I am challenging you to GO SUGAR FREE FOR 10 DAYS by launching the 10-Day Sugar Free Fed Up Challenge! 

Starting Wednesday March 2nd, 2016 Hillsdale High School is invited to participate in the 10-day sugar free challenge!
Start by cutting sodas and other sweetened beverages and foods that have ADDED sugars. EAT real, fresh, whole foods and lay off all products that contain added sugar including honey, molasses, agave, etc., and all liquid sugars, such as sodas, bottled teas, fruit juices, and sports drinks. Also, be aware of foods that may have hidden sugars, like yogurts, canned foods, spaghetti sauce, and ketchup. Watch for hidden names of sugar too. This includes all artificial sugars and sugar substitutes. No exceptions, so don’t ask!

What’s wrong with eating processed sugar?

Artificial sweeteners slow your metabolism and make you crave and eat more food. They trick your body into gaining weight and effect your insulin and leptin signaling. Sugar also overloads and damages your liver. It can cause metabolic dysfunction and increases your uric acid levels. High uric acid levels are a risk factor for heart and kidney disease. 

Why am I participating in this?

Over the many years that I have been living a healthy lifestyle, I have noticed the detrimental effects of sugar on my health- inflammation, weight gain, sleep issues, and overall lethargy. When I cut sugar out of my diet years ago, I noticed so many benefits and wanted to share that with my students. –Mrs. Trisko

Sign our pledge sheet on the main office window!

Share your commitment with others and help keep them motivated and empowered during this 10-day challenge. It can be shocking and tough, but rewarding at the same time. By working together as a community, we will be stronger than attempting this on our own.

Share your progress on our Health class blog Trisko Blog 10-day Sugar Free!

How is it going for you? What has been a challenge? What has been easy? Which foods did you discover that had sugar? What changes have you made or felt?

Bring your own sugar-free lunch and join others in room 247 on Fridays for support, ideas and discussions about eating healthy!

Other sources on the effects of sugar:

The film’s official website:

Journalism Relating to Health, Sugar and Obesity:

Politics and “Big Food”:

Websites for Healthy Recipes:


  1. I wouldn't want to do this. I have no interest or need to do this. I eat very little sugar. T don't feel like I overeat I walk and bike a lot. I feel like i have a healthy family.

  2. The reason I feel I do not want to do the the fed up challenge is because I think I am healthy enough. I bike ride once a weekend from my house to the mall and back and it takes me two hours. I only get off my bike when i am getting water.I don't think I eat a lot of sugar. I eat no breakfast on school days and on the weekend I eat a breakfast sandwich. On weekdays I eat a bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch when I get home.I also like to eat fruit like apples and oranges for a snack. Occasionally I eat chips or cookies. I like to drink apple juice.For Dinner I eat mac and cheese, fish sticks, but no fruit or vegetables. I do not eat dessert. I should check on the back of the box for how much sugar does it have.

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  3. Last night and Day 1 was super easy so far. I found that it was a bit of a challenge to buy pre-made salads...all the dressings had sugar of some sort. I made pesto pasta last night- 1 bunch of basil, 1 garlic clove, 1/4 c. walnuts or pine nuts, 1/4 cup olive oil. Blend up and add to top of pasta. Here's a website with some super easy recipes.

  4. I feel like a live a very healthy lifestyle. I eat 5 small meals a day, don't eat beef or pork and exercise 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. I only eat whole wheat and only eat carbs in the morning. Even though this has been my lifestyle for a long time, this 10-day challenge is a BIG challenge. The hardest part has been my coffee creamer! I do non-fat but the sugar free just isn't the same. Also, when I have an adult beverage I usually drink Ginger Ale. If I am out I just won't use soda but at home I have switched to Sugar-Free Ginger Ale. We will see how this goes!

    1. It is challenging for me too. I've found that I've have to get creative with my sweet cravings, but eating things like dates, and raisins have been so helpful! For me, getting off sugar for 4 days so far has already helped curb my cravings...I'm starting to remember what life can be like not having to eat sugar!