Sunday, March 27, 2016

Binaural Beat Technology (Article)

Whether we like it or not finals are creeping up on us and as it gets closer and closer some of us need a way to manage our stress and anxiety. Binaural Beat Technology (BBT), something that was used as a tool to reduce stress during the 70's and 80's is making a comeback and is worth testing. BBT is a method in which two similar tones are played in opposite ears to make one new tone and match brain wave frequencies to make changes or adjustments in the strongest brain wave states. Doing BBT can counter affects like insomnia and headaches, help you reach a deep meditative trance or influence lucid dreaming, or even reduce stress levels, however there are many uses to BBT.

This article intrigued me as my father has put it into practice and can vouch for it's effectiveness. Taking that into account I wanted to delve deeper and research the possible capabilities of it and thus, share it. I would recommend reading the article if it interests you as I will also be giving it a shot.

Would you consider trying BBT? Have you already tried BBT? What did you think of it if you have?


  1. BBT sounds like a freely accessible way to lower stress levels, and I'm amazed this hasen't been put out into the world more. I know I certainly could use something to lower stress and would be 100% down to try using BBT. I was surprised to find out that the brain operates at various frequencies, especially on the hertz scale, becuause wouldn't that mean that we make noise when we think harder?

  2. I do consider BBT because for me, I get stressed with homework or school.
    I already tried BBT and I think it is relaxing, calming, and great.
    Also, what I found about BBT (according to the article), is that there are many uses of BBT.

  3. It seems that although much more research should be done before confirming or denying the health effects of doing this (the Placebo Effect is very strong!), it does not seem that there is anything wrong per se about trying this. After looking at not only this site but other white noise generators, I can say that they are a good alternative to listening to music or another kind of auditory pleasure. But it does seem that much more research needs to be done before one can confidently assume that the health benefits are not caused by other factors.