Thursday, March 24, 2016

14 things about the little dude in your head

This article tells you about some cool things that your brain can do and makes you want to know more about it. Do you think that we use way more then10% of our brains, well see if you're right by clicking on the link.
Sometimes it hard to take in all the things that your mind can do but here's a few.

Where there some things that you learned about your brain or what it can do ?
Do you think that some of the facts in the article are hard to believe?
After reading this article, do you think that your brain is cool and/or interesting?


  1. I believe we definitely use more than 10% of our brain because most regions in our brain have a function to them. That means that we use them in order to survive. The 10% brain usage thing is something that scientists regularly argue is completely false.

    From the article, I thought it was interesting that there is no scientific explanation for dreams. For something that we all have, it's really interesting that we have not been able to have an explanation for that.

    I disagree that dreaming is about exercising the brain - why would our brain need to be exercised when use it all day? Sleeping is about resting, so this seems like a weird explanation and shows more research is definitely necessary.

  2. I also agree that it is interesting that scientists don't fully understand way we dream and yeah some parts on the art lice were cool and others I couldn't comprehend. I believe that dreaming like you said doesn't exercise the brain but perhaps puts the mind in a different realm, which might make others think it is working the brain more. For the most part I think dreaming is something the brain needs and naturally does.

  3. What I learned about my brain is that the brain generates enough electricity to a power a 25-watt light bulb, weights approximately 3 pounds, doesn't finish until around age 25.
    Some of the articles are very hard to believe and I also found it very interesting.
    My brain is very smart, interesting, and hard-working.

  4. I learned that you can't tickle yourself because your cerebellum controls reactions to movement. It knows you're going to touch yourself in a certain spot so the tickling sensation doesn't follow the touch. I also learned that your brain can power a 25 watt bulb, which got me thinking: in theory, we could create a device that uses brain energy to power electricity. The device could be used as a light helmet when underground, preventing the event in which your helmet's battery dies. I don't think any of this is hard to believe because I know that the discoveries of the brain's capabilities are still being uncovered. Our brains have so much power and have such intricate designs. I think the human brain is very cool.

  5. I found it interesting to learn that you cannot feel pain in your brain, since "there are no pain receptors..." Although I have watched episodes of Grey's Anatomy in which patients have been awake during brain surgery, I always figured they were numbed, and never realized that they could not feel anything. I also found it interesting that your cerebellum prevents you from tickling yourself. I have always thought that it was hard to do, but I never knew that tickling yourself was impossible, and that there was even a scientific reason behind it. After reading this article, I am definitely more interested in brain function, and am curious to learn more about it.

  6. I thought that the 6th thing that talks about tickling was pretty funny. It says that you can't tickle yourself because the cerebellum can predict the sensation and prevent a response. It says that they think tickling was created as a way of social bonding which I find really interesting and kind of funny.