Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stay Healthy and Safe this Spring Break!

Since spring break is coming up, here is an article all about staying safe while you travel! In this article, you can read about what to do before you travel, during your trip and after you return. For example, before you go, you should find out about any health concerns in your destination. If any of you are looking to travel this spring break or even this summer, I recommend reading this article.

 I found this article super helpful because I am going to be traveling out of the country this summer. I am definitely going to take all these tips into consideration when I go on my vacations!

 Are you going anywhere over spring break or summer vacation? Do you know of any other tips for staying safe while traveling?


  1. After reading this article I feel very confident for my summer and spring break vacations. While reading this, it was like a checklist for what I need to do in order to have a safe vacation. I Learned that its smart to bring a little medical kit with essentials like sunscreen and other needs. I will use this article because during spring break im going to Disneyland!

  2. I was curious about this article since I will be traveling this Spring Break. However, this article was definitely tailored for foreign countries that don't have the same health regulations as we do in the United States. However, there were a few things in the article that I was curious about. For instance, why is it unsafe to drink the tap water in other countries? Accoridng to the article, "Drink only bottled, sealed beverages, and steer clear of ice—it was probably made with tap water." I assume it is because they are not as filtered as our tap water is. However, that must mean that people in foreign countries have stronger immune systems than we do. I assume foreigners traveling to the United States do not need these same health precautions. Are Americans just more prone for illness than other nationalities or is that a misconception on my part? I'm not sure. But wherever I go, I'll pack sunscreen either way.

  3. After I read this article, I know more about the travel tips that are very helpful for finding local safe center and checking the health insurance. It reminds me to have a good preparation before travelling. I am going to go to Santa Barbara with my mother during spring break and I am also going to go to China in summer. Base on my experience, I know some other tips for staying safe while travelling. First, I would find a map that it can let me find the exit and some emergency center easily when I have problems. Second, I will prepare enough food and water so that I can replenish my energy. Third, I will be careful about the diet because I do not want to spend time in bathroom or hospital.

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  5. After reading this article, I am not really going anywhere for spring break, but for my summer vacation, I am going to Hawaii.
    I have 4 safe tips for my summer vactation in Hawaii and here are the following:
    1. Sunscreen - to make sure I don't get sun burned.
    2. Avoiding sugary foods that they have at the hotel.
    3. Since I am diabetic, I have to bring my test kit and humalog/lantus pens.
    4. Wear summer clothes, since Hawaii has hot weather.

  6. Well, for spring break, I plan to not go anywhere, but for summer vacation, I plan to go to Disneyland Resort or Universal Studios Hollywood.
    Here are my safety tips for going to Disneyland and Universal Studios on Summer Vacation:
    1. Bring Sunscreen
    2. Drink lots of water
    3. Pack my comfortable summer clothes such as shirts, shorts, sunglasses, and comfortable tennis shoes
    4. Since I'm a picky eater, I like to make sure that I pack my favorite cereal, my chocolate powder, and my milk, among other food that I like.

  7. Although this check list can be useful in some places I don't think we should worry about it so much. These problems aren't necessarily about the US. They could be from any where. Although it does have some good healthy tips that one should check over before going to their vacation spot or arriving to their vacation spot. It is important to know what are the things around you and how it can affect you. Checking you faction location won't hurt you. It will just make you safe. I feel that if I do travel durning vacation this check list can come in handy depending on where I'm going. It would be nice to know what are the things that I can face in my trip.

  8. This could be helpful if travelling out of the country, as the only things that would be useful if travelling state to state were the tattoo/piercing advice and condom advice list. But that's kind of all just common sense and is good to know any day of the week, not just on spring break. I went to southern California for all of spring break, and safety tips I would give to anyone during spring break, is like it said in the article, either don't drink or have a DD. Always, and no exceptions. Driving while under the influence of anything is an extremely irresponsible and unnecessary thing to do.

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  10. I found this article very helpful, even though I am not planning on going anywhere over spring break I am planning multiple trips over the summer to the east coast and eastern side of the US. Some important things to consider is that you should always wear sunscreen when out in the sun, drink plenty of water, and pack comfortable summer clothes that are loose and won't make you over heat. Other tips while traveling is to know where you are going and to never leave the group your with to make sure you stay safe.