Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Assisted Suicide

I felt this was an important issue as we have been talking about mental health disorders for a while, and assisted suicide is always a controversial issue when brought up in any government setting.  In some ways it seems logical, as if a person is suffering with little to no hope of getting better then requesting to die painlessly seems reasonable.  However, there can also be arguments the other way, as I would not be able to live with myself if I was a doctor who had to administer drugs to kill someone voluntarily.  Religious arguments can also be cited as causes to keep sick people alive.  Do you think assisted suicide should be allowed?  How come?  What are the conditions that need to be met for someone to get help in ending their life?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Marijuana's Effect On The Brain

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This article starts off by explaining how marijuana strains of today's generation is nothing like the strains that were available 45 years ago. And some parents whose kids smoke treat it as if it weren't a problem and just a rite of passage for teens in high school. But what most parents don't realize is since the strength of the strains are a lot stronger(Up to 10 times the amount of THC) and the teenage brain is still in the process of fully developing substance abuse like marijuana can severely affect the development in a negative way. Studies have shown that teens who abuse marijuana tend to develop mental issues like Depression and Anxiety. Not only that but teens in their later age are at a higher risk of developing schizophrenia. Teens who abuse this drug are warned that the use of drugs like this should stop in order to eliminate the chance of developing mental issues later in life.

I agree with this article and believe that teenagers who are currently abusing this drug should think twice about the pros and cons and realize that the cons heavily outweigh the pros. What a lot of teens don't realize is that they are putting so much at risk by doing this and in the long run its going to ruin their life. Teachers are noticing these things too, its reflected with the performance of many students in class with grades dropping and productivity slowing down. Its obvious that its a bad thing but no one really cares so it doesn't seem there will be a resolve any time soon unless the teens themselves try and turn things around.

Do you notice anything like this around school? Do you think there will be a solution to this? If so what might be the resolve?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why teenage want to use drugs?


Many people may concern why do teenagers use drugs, and what are the factors make teens want to use drugs? This article will talk about the reasons of teens using drugs.

Many parents may thinks that teenagers don't have stress, and they are wrong; teenagers get stress, and bad moods from school, friends, or their family. Some teenagers may not find a way to express in a positive way, so they find an escape in drug. Being a teenager is very hard because they are being introduced into the real world, and they are the pre-adults which means that they have to think and and take actions in a more responsible way, but some teens can handle that. They will be depressed and want to stop thinking to much, and this is the cause of teens using chemical solutions to make themselves feel better. Parental influence is one of the biggest causes for teenagers to use drugs. Parents are like a mirror to their children, a lot of teenagers choose to use drug because they see their parents do so. These are just some common causes of teens using drugs, there are so many other causes that make teenagers use drugs.

I think using drugs is not a good and right way to solve problems that we have because using drugs can not help anything but make you become worse. If we have any stress, pressure, or bad moods we can overcome theses in a positive way, such as taking or sharing your issue with friends and parents, and they can give you good advices. Taking drugs is not a good way to release yourself.

What other causes do you think would make teens use drugs?
What some ways teens can release their stress?
What would you when you have stress other than using drugs?

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Treating Sugar Addiction like Drug Abuse?

According to a Queensland University of Technology study, drugs used to treat nicotine addiction can also be used to treat addiction to sugar. Sugar acts on the brain in a similar way to drugs, and so FDA approved addiction medication, like Champix, actually reduces cravings for sugar. The researchers also found the same effects when using artificial sweeteners, suggesting that the sugar epidemic isn't caused purely by sugar, but sweetened foods in general. The research concludes that further research is required, although the same medications used to treat addiction to drugs could also be used to tackle the obesity epidemic.

It's interesting to think about how sugar and drugs have a similar effect to the brain, especially moving from the nutrition unit to the drugs unit. Sugar doesn't seem to be really treated as a highly addictive substance, although it very well might be.

Do you think sugar should be treated as a drug?
Should someone currently obese or at risk of being so be prescribed anti-addiction medication?
Do you think anti-addiction medication is necessary to help reduce obesity rates in the US?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Teen Drug Abuse



            This article describes and explains how many teens are using drugs today. More teens are being exposed to drugs and using them because of peer pressure from their friends and wanting to fit in with the "cool" crowd "1 in 5 teens have abused prescription medications, according to the Centers for Disease Control. " Even though teens just want to experience the high of drugs, they don't fully understand how they could become addicted so easily. In Health Class, we are discussing how the brain become addicted to drugs and the long term effects drugs has on your brain. This article connects to what we are learning in Health right now because we are discussing why people began using drugs and how most people start when they are teenagers.

            I agree with this article and can connect with it because I have heard many of my classmates who have drank or smoked because their friends do it. I think that this article has very accurate information and reliable because lots of the information is very apparent in today's high schools. I was at first surprised at how many teenager have done drugs because I don't think that many people were doing drugs at such a young age. I was shocked to realize that their are various reasons to why teens use drugs from being depressed to peer pressure.

             Why do you think that teens use drugs?  Is there someone close to you that suffers from drug abuse? If so, why did they start using drugs? How do you suppose that we can start preventing teen drug abuse?