Thursday, May 5, 2016

Male Birth Control

Link to article on male birth control

This article describes the different types of birth control that are currently being researched and what stage of production they are currently in. This relates to the topic of sexual education and the different ways to protect yourself that we are currently learning in class. My personal opinion on this topic is it would be an intelligent choice for males to buy this product, because as the picture says, it would be more effective to kill of the sperm versus trying to control the sperm fertilizing the egg.

If male birth control becomes available for purchase, will men actually buy it? How could it affect the sales of birth control for women?


  1. I love how this article went into depth about different types of birth control, and how a few are even similar to women birth control; for example, one is a gel rubbed onto the skin that lowers sperm count, and women have things like patches that also are absorbed into the skin. According to the article, 31,000 men have already signed up for human testing of the products described, so there is no doubt that men would be willing to buy these. The sales for the birth control of would most likely decrease, but probably not by too much because its always good to be extra safe and careful.

  2. As long as there's no side effects I feel like there would be a market for male birth control. It even says this in the text, "We’ve had a number of supporters reach out indicating how beneficial a male contraceptive would be." It would make the sales of female birth control go down slightly, but the female birth control pill will still be used more commonly for a long time because there will be an adjustment period for the male community in starting to take these pills.

  3. After reading what you said and part of the article I wonder if this male birth control will become a permanent solution and by that i mean that it will eliminate all sperm or like the female birth control eliminate the sperm that is being released. And of that were the case how is the birth control to measure and regulate that? But if this does prove to be successful it could definitely be a good substitute to the female counter part. From the article it obviously has the approval of many men with over 31,000 volunteers it seems that it could end up working out and come out in full production in the near future.