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Goals of the Blog
An essential piece of being an aware health consumer involves being able to locate accurate, reliable health information and staying on top of current health news.  This assignment will help to build this habit while at the same time helping you become familiar with credible sources of health information.  Also, it is necessary in the 21st century to be skilled at online communication and able to participate in discussions on blogs. The hope is for this blog to be a place where you can authentically discuss current health news that you believe to be relevant and interesting without the restrictions and demands of a formal essay.              
          Posting Week 
       You will need to research and find an interesting new article about health and post it to our blog. You must also respond to at least one of your peer's comments about your original post. The original post must be made by Sunday at 9pm of your posting week … if you post after Sunday at 9pm your post will only be eligible for late credit (50%). 

An excellent POST is one that …
·       Introduces a new health news topic that has not yet been posted on our blog
·       Connects health news to content learned in class  (in approximately 1 sentence) – MUST connect with Health! 
·       Provides a link to an article from a reliable news source
·       Includes embedded images, video, charts, cartoon, etc.
·       Includes reaction to the news article (in approximately 2-3 sentences)
·       Poses an issue or question for discussion
·       Is approximately 50-150 words

How to POST an article:

Sign into your account and open the invitation email you received from me asking you to be an author of the blog.  Note: You will only be allowed to author posts on your assigned week from Sunday 9PM to Sunday 9PM.

Accept the blog author invitation.

 Return to Mrs. Trisko's Health Class Blog at . Make sure your are "signed in" and click the “New Post” button in the top right hand corner.

Complete your post by following the requirements included in the posting rubric.  Then post!

Remember, you must post by 9pm on Sunday.

Posting Rubric 
Student Name: __________________________________                        Score______/20

(2 points each)
The Post:
·      Introduces a current Health News topic                                               yes            no
·      Connects Health News to Health class content                                   yes            no
·      Article is taken from a reliable news source                                        yes            no
·      Provides a link to an article                                                                  yes            no
·      Includes embedded images, video, charts, cartoon, etc.                       yes            no
·      Includes their personal reaction to the news article                              yes            no
·      Poses an issue or question for discussion                                              yes            no
·      Uses 50- 150 words                                                                               yes            no
·      Uses correct grammar, punctuation, and formal language                    yes            no

The Comments:
·      Responded to at least one comment on their post                                    yes            no 

·       Commenting
       You need to read and comment once a week on the posts of your fellow students that you find interesting.  You need to comment on at least 12 different posts throughout the blog 12-week period.  In order to earn full credit, you must comment throughout the entire 12-week period. 

An excellent COMMENT is one that …
  • Refers to information from the article
  • Directly address the material or ideas presented in the post questions
  • Brings up a new perspective or idea
  • References others sources as support for their argument
  • Comments regularly throughout the semester and does not cluster all comments in the final week
  • Uses respectful academic language while agreeing and disagreeing with posts

 First, you need to be signed in to your gmail account. If you do not have a professional email account, you need to create one.

Go to the blog ( ) and verify that you are signed in (you can see that you are signed in if your account is listed in the top right hand corner.)

Once you are signed in, review the posts that have been made during the week and comment on the posts. Be sure to hit "submit" when you're finished.

Comments Rubric 

Student Name: __________________________________                        Score______/5

Each Comment:
Directly addresses ideas presented in the post questions                             yes   no
Brings up a new perspective or idea                                                            yes   no
References information in article as support for their argument                 yes   no
Uses respectful academic language                                                            yes   no
Correct grammar, punctuation, language                                                    yes   no

Blogging Guidelines (RESPECT!)
The respect yourself and community Graduate Profile rubric at Hillsdale applies to everything posted on the blog.  The expectation is for all students to be civil.  You can disagree with another post but you need to make sure that you do so in a respectful manner.  It is essential that you never personally attack another student.  For example, “how can you live with yourself” or “only a moron would think” are NOT appropriate ways to respond to a post.  Instead, “Bob, did you consider the effect” or “I understand the point that Sue is making but I disagree because.”  Remember that everything in print can be taken twice as harsh as you might intend.  Posting under the influence of emotion is dangerous.

Respecting Yourself:
as a habit
Acts honestly and supports others in acting honestly and with integrity
Acts honestly
Acts honestly when monitored
Understands and thoughtfully reflects on dishonesty or inappropriate behavior
Accepts responsibility for his/her actions without being reminded
Accepts responsibility for his/her actions
Accepts responsibility when prompted
Has difficulty accepting responsibility for actions.
Does not represent the ideas of others as his/her own and supports others in doing the same.
Does not represent the ideas of others as his/her own
Does not represent the ideas of others as his/her own when monitored.
Needs substantial guidance to avoid plagiarism.
Actively seeks ways to effectively support peer learning.
Supports the learning of peers but does not do work for them
Does not do work for other students
Does not do work for other students when reminded.

Respecting Your Community:
School Community Member
Makes meaningful contributions to the school with effective participation in extracurricular activities
Regularly contributes to the school through participation in extracurricular activities
Occasionally participates in extracurricular activities
Rarely participates in extracurricular activities
Respecting Your Community:
Connections Between School & World
Takes self-directed action in the community beyond school, using the skills and knowledge learned in school
Takes action in the community through existing organizations, using the skills and knowledge learned in school
Describes, with clarity, the connection between the content and skills taught in school and the world beyond the classroom
Rarely articulates the connections between the content and skills taught in school and the world beyond the classroom
Develops cultural/global awareness using technology to interact and engage with other cultures
Develops cultural/global awareness using technology to learn about other cultures
Learns about cultural/ global issues using technology

Respecting Your Community:
Civil Discourse
Understands the context, facts and various opinions surrounding an issue
Seeks to understand the context, facts and opinions surrounding an issue by asking questions
Contributes to discussions
Rarely engages in discussions
Due Dates
I will keep track of your blog participation throughout the 12-week blogging period.  Below are the deadlines and dates.

-Blog Comment on Mrs. Trisko's Sample Posts, 10 points – DUE Friday January 22nd
-Posting Week, 20 points 

Good Resources for News Articles
See the home page for a list of sites that are great places to get started in your search for a good news item to include in your post.  Please do not feel limited by this list in anyway … it is just a list of suggestions to get you started. 


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